BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette Review


So the fabulous Chrissy Teigen has collaborated with BECCA beauty to come up with the amazing glow face palette. Released in the UK at Space NK (slightly later than our American cousins) the hype had already been building online for this limited edition palette.


The palette contains 2 highlighters, a blusher and bronzer – everything you need for a glowing summer look.


From left – right: Blush in hibiscus bloom, peach nectar highlighter and rose gold highlighter. Above is the bronzer in Malibu soleil.

The packaging of the palette is amazing, really well thought through, a large mirror in the lid of the palette allows for easy application. The packing is beautiful and each of the shades compliment each other.

Each shade of the limited edition palette is stunningly pigmented and blends seamlessly together so you can layer the different products to achieve a variety of looks.

For a pale girl like myself the palette is more on the warm side (as it is summer!) but the colours work well together. The 'beach nectar' highlighter is a particular favourite of mine, I use it almost daily to give a subtle glow on-top of my blusher. The darker rose-gold highlighter would be gorgeous on those with a warmer skin tone and works really well as an eyeshadow.

Hibiscus blush is a very pink matt blusher where a little goes a long way, so use sparingly if you have a fair complexion. Malibu soleil bronzer is a shimmer-free, matt bronzer which can be used for both contouring and giving an all over sun-kissed glow.

While it is hard to critique this gorgeous palette a few minor issues there is no applicator included in the palette which means that you can't just throw it in your bag and go! For me the bronzer was slightly on the small side  (or my bronzer brush is too large.)

You can buy this palette from SpaceNK £45.00.

Overall I would highly recommend this palette as it is versatile and richly pigmented to give a delicious glow. I expect it to last me well into autumn/winter and beyond.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review!




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