Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose

Recently I came across a new limited addition to the cult-classic Alpha H Liquid Gold range and I just had to share it with you!

As an avid user of the original this new addition is intriguing – can Alpha H improve on a cult classic?

Liquid GoldRose smells gorgeous – with the addition of the botanical extracts of rose, lotus and orchid petal. Alongside hyaluronic acid which is renowned for its moisture-holding abilities liquid gold rose also offers weightless hydration together with resurfacing properties.

How To Use

After cleansing soak a cotton pad in the liquid gold rose and apply directly to the skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Do not apply anything else and let the liquid gold rose go to work overnight while you sleep.

I experience a slight tingle, those with sensitive skins may experience a slightly stronger sensation due to the resurfacing ingredients. Use 2-3 times per week or if you are like me, use when your skin needs a boost.

What To Expect

Instantly skin will feel hydrated and due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients any breakouts that I have had appear to reduce overnight and my skin feels brighter and fresher. Gold rose doesn’t feel as harsh as the original and my skin appears calmer and has a matte finish.


love this new version! It does everything the original does only better. Skin feels hydrated, calmer, smoother and fresher – I hope that this limited-edition makes it into the range full-time!

You can buy Alpha-H original Liquid Gold £33.50 or the new limited-edition Liquid Gold Rose £37.00 from Alpha-H directly.

Let me know if you’ve tried Alpha-H before or if you use another resurfacing product.

Thanks for reading,


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