Dior Pump n Volume Mascara

The Dior pump n volume mascara is unlike any other mascara with its squeezable tube.

To use: Soften the formula and load the brush with as much product as you can handle!

The brush is flexible yet stable allowing for precise application.

I love the idea of the flexible tube which allows you to ‘heat’ the formula to eliminate clumps. It is addictive. This idea originates from an old beauty hack of heating the mascara tube with a hairdryer to soften the formula and reduce clumps – this is definitely easier!

Verdict: While I loved the idea behind the mascara in reality I found the waxes and elastic powders in the mascara to remain clumpy, even after ‘heating’ which resulted in clumpy lashes that looked short and stumpy! To make the mascara useable for me I had to wipe the sides of the brush clean which is not ideal, this is one mascara that I wouldn’t repurchase.

I really wanted to like this mascara and I’ve heard other people rave about it and maybe you have had a different experience? Let me know!

If you want to try the Dior Pump n Volume Mascara it is £25.50

Thanks for reading!

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