Sparkle like a Unicorn! 🦄

So today I’m gonna sparkle like a Unicorn!

I’m currently wearing the unicorn collection from nails inc, £15 for the collection which has been incredibly popular.

The collection features two nail lacquers (14ml each) that give that effervescent colour of a magical nature. Colours are dream dust and rainbow wishes, both are long-lasting and you can wear alone or together for full Unicorn magic!

Nails inc recommends applying a base coat then two coats of your chosen colour an then a top coat for an extended wear, which I have done.

I’m really enjoying these playful colours let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!!


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3 thoughts on “Sparkle like a Unicorn! 🦄

  1. These look like so much fun!!!!
    Down to the nitty gritty… Tell me… how was the chip factor?? Seriously I have yet to find a polish that gets me over the 2 day mark!! xx

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      1. What?!?!?!?! No way thats epic!! I tried the rimmel shellac range and that was ok…. Not that long a staying power so will for sure be keeping an eye out for this! I would defo be happy with that 🙂 xxxx


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