Glossier Update


Just a quick post to give you an update the previous Glossier Post – what I am still using and the new items that I am trying at the moment. As with most Glossier product expect lots of fragrance and effective formulas.

Still Using

The hero product is the Boy Brow – this is the OG of the brow-plumping formulas. It is super easy to use and still a staple in my makeup bag. There are cheaper/more accessible alternatives such as; Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara and Benefit Gimme Brows, that you can pick up from the high street but for many (and me!) this remains a firm favourite.

Milky Jelly Cleanser is a good ‘bookend’ product, it is gentle and transforms into a milk when you add water. I use this as a first cleanse in my morning routine, it does remove some makeup but if you favour a more ‘done’ eye then you will need something with extra oomph!


Brow Flick is as easy to use with a brush-tip pen for precision application. It has a sheer buildable coverage that allows you to ‘draw’ on brows and fill in gaps where you might need it. I found this easy to use, for my dark brows this was not enough pigment. It is buildable, but when you are doing a ‘quick’ makeup this takes too long for me and I found that I was reaching for my brow pencil to fill in the (big) gap in my brow.

This would be ideal if you have really light brows or those that are very sparse as you can easily define and add brows where needed and it is easy to remove if you make a mistake. I have used this on friends and family and for those that colour was right for, found it really natural looking. I wouldn’t repurchase but I would encourage anyone to give it a try.

Priming Moisturiser Rich was added to the bag after trying the original Priming Moisturiser and finding this texture too thin and tacky. The ‘Rich’ formula has shea butter and ceramides to instantly plump an hydrate, the texture is lovely and it does sit well with SPF and makeup. The biggest downside for me (and this could be said for most of the Glossier range) is the strong fragrance. Now I love a fragrance in a mosituriser if it is going to add to the experience and if it has a purpose then I am all for it (Decleor springs to mind as a fragranced range that gets it right.)

FutureDew Oil/Serum Hybrid – this was given as a little sample and I love it, super dewy, glowy and non-tacky! Perfect for over makeup as well as a boost after your moisturiser, I can see this being popular in the summer for that ‘barely there’ look. This will be going in the basket when I next order from Glossier!

I hope that this has given you an idea of the Glossier range, thank you for reading!



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