Cipher Cloud Melt Cleanser


Cipher are an Australian company who are passionate about natural ingredients, they have created a range of ‘highly active, small batch skincare’ by selecting potent natural ingredients that are good for the skin and combining with active ingredients. For skincare that is results-driven.

I found Cipher on Instagram and was intrigued to find out more, they ship worldwide and have the sweetest packaging with a hand written note. Going the extra mile really makes a difference for the customer experience (a la May Lindstrom.)

Cloud Melt Cleanser

So what is a Cloud Melt Hybrid Cleanser? Essentially it is a unique gel/balm cleanser. It has the satisfaction of a balm cleanser to successfully remove makeup with no residue once removed. Mine came with a free reusable ‘Remy’ face cloth this leaves skin feeling soft and clean and is ideal for travelling or packing into a weekender bag.

The cleanser comes with a pump dispenser making it really hygienic and easy to use the right amount every time! The packaging is minimalist and of course the millennium pink is the right aesthetic for most shelfies!

Whats in it?

The star of the show is the cucumber fragrance – if you don’t like cucumber this is not for you! There is camilla seed oil which is used to effectively remove makeup, caffeine, cucumber and vitamin B5 to soothe and reduce redness.

How to use

Apply 1 or 2 pumps of product to dry skin and massage for as long as you like, add water to emulsify and use a cloth or rinse off. Cloud Melt is very gentle and leaves skin feeling fresh not angry, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.


Happy, calm and soothed skin, ready for the next steps. Cipher is a relatively new brand and I’m interested to see where they go next!

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