Clarins Spring 2020

Spring Makeup

Clarins is well known for their skincare however I have recently come across the makeup which looks amazing for the spring when you are wanting a lighter base and textures. If you are wanting a light, dewy and perfect for the longer, lighter nights have a look at the Spring makeup collection.

Milky Boost

Milky Boost has become a firm favourite. It’s a cross between a tinted moisturiser and serum foundation, the clever liquid starts off as white and then adapts to your skin tone. It does come in different shade ranges and I have chosen the lightest one.

You can apply this using your fingers or a foundation brush, find it best to start with a primer and then apply a think layer with the heat of my fingers. Depending on how my skin is looking (aka super spotty or just a few) I may use a little more with a foundation brush to build up the coverage. It also works with concealer and I can recommend some long-lasting ones (but that’s a whole other post!)

Milky Mousse Lips

I love a a good strong lip whether matte, velvet, gloss or sheer, the milky mousse however was not what I was expecting.

It is a very matte product, slightly pink. It dries instantly but colour pay-off is poor, I couldn’t see any difference when using this alone. I did try with the gloss on top as for all day use this wasn’t comfortable. Milky Mousse has 5 shades

Lip Oil

Clarins Lip Oils are legendary. They are not sticky or tacky just instant hydration, with a pop of colour with hazelnut, jojoba and raspberry oils. There are a variety of shades to choose from but this one is the perfect nude shade, Pink with a hint of erredessance, no glitter/sparkles. Simply does the job. The sponge tip applicator means that no matter what shade you choose the application is quick and simple

This Lip Oil is in collaboration with fashion house The Kooples and is Shade 11 Light Stone (light pink) and is limited edition.

Final Thoughts

The Clarins Spring makeup range is comprised of 6 SKU’s and as far as I am aware is a Limited Edition collection sold on the Clarins website. The texture of the Milky Boost and Lip Oil are unique and I would repurchase however, the lip mousse I would not as I found this very drying. Have you tried Clarions makeup?

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