J’adore Paris!

I wanted to share with you about my recent trip to Paris. To give you a little background a had some time off from work and I was originally planning a beach break with a friend, that didn’t work out so I thought of a city break for myself.

When you think of a city break there are numerous cities that come to mind – Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague and of course Paris!

I have been to Paris once before in 2008 with friends and we had the most amazing time where we did some touristy things and of course Disneyland Paris. This time I wanted to focus on the tourist aspects but also soak in the city atmosphere and culture of Paris.


So when I was looking around for a good deal I found an amazing deal for a 3 night/2 day trip to Paris and just thought “why not!” – so off I went to Paris.

I really want to give you a flavour of my trip so I am going to have a few posts about Paris in the coming weeks.


I hope that you find the upcoming posts useful if you are planning a trip to Paris and I would love to hear your recommendations too as I am itching to go back!

So why did I chose Paris? – A great deal and a chance to explore the city of lights is something that you cannot pass up!

Thanks for reading,



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