Curel Review

Curel is the number 1 skincare brand in Japan that has been designed for dry & sensitive skin to help replenish the natural moisture barrier with ceramides. This is done using the unique ‘double cleansing’ and ‘double moisturising’ system.

Full disclosure: Curel sent me the whole range as I won a competition!

Makeup Cleansing Gel

This is the first step your night time routine, a lightweight gel that can be used as the your first cleanse.

This has a beautiful silky texture, that easily melts away everything including eye makeup. This is packed with ceramides to condition and nourish, is fragrance and colourant free so ideal for any sensitive skin types. This silk gel is best used on dry skin and removed with a flannel. Perfect first cleanse.

Foaming Facial Wash

Lighter than a cloud, this is not your normal foaming face wash.

It is creamy and becomes almost milk-like in texture upon application. I use on wet skin and this is a treat to soothe, calm and hydrate. Rinses of easily and does not leave skin dry or tight.

Moisture Eye Zone Essence

An instantly hydrating eye cream with a clear gel texture. A wonderful ‘basic’ nourishing eye cream that doesn’t give you an instant wow factor, but you could always layer with your preferred eye-cream if you need an extra bit of oomph!

Moisture Facial Lotion Enrich

This is a unique liquid, it is the first part of the ‘double moisturising’ step that Curel is famous for. It’s a cross between a toner and an essence but much more than this it is your first hydration layer. It’s best described as a liquid moisturiser.

You can apply directly on onto skin with 5-6 ‘splashes’ into your hands, patting onto skin, or if you prefer you can apply onto a cotton pad and use as a traditional toner. My favourite way to use this is by transferring this into a spray bottle and misting this goodness before and after my serum. It is the true hero of the range.

Moisture Facial Milk

Super light moisturiser, perfect for oilier skins or layered for optimum hydration.

The moisturiser would then be the second step in the ‘double moisturising’ process. This is a silky, creamy moisturiser that is perfect to be applied after the Lotion Enrich (or other essence.) It is ideal for an oilier-skin type, this might be the only layer that you need. However it works equally well to layer with an oil for an added boost to drier skin.

Intensive Moisture Facial Cream

A richer version of the lotion.

This is my favourite of the 2 moisturisers, it is surprisingly rich yet ultra light. Creamy, voluptuous and packed with glycerin and squalane that hydrates it instantly absorbs. Also works well with the lotion and other serums and zero pilling! With no actives this is ideal for sensitised and barrier compromised skin.


With straightforward, minimalist packaging and products that are perfect for a dehydrated and sensitive skin (no actives) it’s not hard to see why Curel is the top brand in Japan. You can find Curel at Boots and they also offer a starter set.

I’ve really enjoyed using Curel and have recommended products to friends. The ones that I will continue with in my routine – moisture lotion enrich and intensive cream.

Have you tried Curel? Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading,


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